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In-House and Online Pharmacy

Pacific Veterinarian Hospital In-house and Online Pharmacy Services

Our aim with offering in-house and online pharmacy services to patients is to provide provide convenience, reliability, and tailored care for pets’ medication needs and reduce stress for pet owners. We eliminate the need for pet owners to visit external pharmacies or wait for prescriptions to be filled elsewhere. This convenience is especially beneficial in emergency situations or when pets require immediate treatment.

We prioritize medication safety and quality by sourcing medications directly from reputable manufacturers and adhering to strict storage and handling protocols. This helps minimize the risk of medication errors, contamination, or counterfeit products, ensuring the safety and efficacy of treatments for pets. A stocked inventory of veterinary medications and prescription diets is maintained on-site, allowing for immediate access to necessary treatments.

Additionally, as a veterinary hospital, we often have access to a wider range of veterinary-specific medications and formulations that may not be readily available at human pharmacies. This ensures that pets receive the most appropriate and effective treatments for their health needs.

Our trained staff members can accurately fill prescriptions, provide dosage instructions, and offer guidance on medication administration. This ensures that pet owners receive the correct medications and dosages tailored to their pet’s specific condition.

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