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Spay and Neuter

Pacific Veterinarian Hospital Spay and Neuter Services

Spay and neuter services are close to our hearts at Pacific Veterinary Hospital. We started the hospital offering those services as effort to control the overpopulation of cats and dogs in our area to promote their health and well-being.

Spaying (for females) involves the removal of the ovaries and usually the uterus, while neutering (for males) involves the removal of the testicles. These procedures are typically performed under general anesthesia by our experienced veterinarians.

Spaying and neutering not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also offer numerous health benefits for pets. For females, spaying reduces the risk of uterine infections and mammary tumors, especially if performed before the first heat cycle. For males, neutering decreases the risk of testicular cancer and may reduce aggression and roaming behaviors.

In addition to preventing overpopulation and improving health, spaying and neutering can also contribute to better behavior and a longer lifespan for pets. It helps mitigate certain behavioral problems associated with mating instincts, such as roaming, spraying, and aggression.

As part of the service, we provide pre-surgical examinations to ensure the pet is healthy and can safely undergo anesthesia. We also ensure safe recovery and address any complications asĀ  outcomes of the procedures.

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